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Goodbye ALL

Hi friends this website is no longer updated please don't ask for any new content or renew content if u want to become author and contribute to this website please let me know at patel.Nishad[at]

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Bsc Computer Science (BCS) Pune University Result 2013

Download Your Result Here Download

Online Revalution and Photocopy of ans Book Apply Here :
Last Date 29 June 2013

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B.Sc. Pune Uni Exam Time Table Updated 2013

Here is F.Y B.Sc Computer Science , S.Y B.Sc Computer Science & T.Y B.Sc Computer Science

Exam Time Table March 2013 Download it and Share With Your Friend :)

Happy Studying

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Premium Service Launched

Hi Guys i am exited to announce premium service today so what exactly this premium Service ?

FAQ On Premium Service

1) What is the Premium Service ?
ANS : I think the Name Explains all :) In premium Service you have special access to our Files Which Includes All Preacticlas , Work Books , Study Materials , Books , Videos etc etc

2) Why you charged for Premium Serive ?
Ans: simple ans i want to share every resource free but unfortunately we have to pay a thousand bucks  for server ,web space and Domain name if you gift us web space then we will put every resources publicly free of charge :)

3) I don't have Money But i want to access Premium Services, how can i access them ?
Ans: surely you can access premium resources without paying single penny you have to just share equally valuable resources with us and we will grant you to download your Desirable Contant :)
(Note: Site Admin has rights to not grant you access in certain conditions like duplicate share , resources already available for free download,useless share etc etc. )

4) I don't have useful content to share so will i get access to premium content ?
Ans : We welcome everyone to share contents with everyone but if you take an extra step and decide to write articles on then You have ALL ACCESS to PREMIUM Content we will Give full Credit to your article . Send your posts to
(Note: article must be relevant and need to approved by Site Admin You Need More Than 30 posts to access Premium Content )

5) I want to become a Premium Member of this Site what is Payment Method ?
Ans : If you live Outside India Then you have to pay through PAYPAL
And If you are living in INDIA then You can make a payment Via PAYPAL or Direct Deposit to Our Bank Account

6)What is Fees for Premium Membership ?
Ans: 1 year = 9$         (approx 500 RS)
        3 years = 19 $    (approx 1000 RS)

 But wait there is a limited time offer also available :) 
         1 year = 6$        (approx 300 RS)
         3 years = 12 $    (approx 700 RS)

(Limited Period offers Only available for first 30 Registration or till 1 March whatever is First )

 --If you have any doubts feel free to comment or drop us an email at

More to come Stay tuned ;)
Happy Studying!!!

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S.Y BCS Lab WorkBook

Many of you Asking About S.Y BCS Lab Workbook So i shared Here

Data Structures Using C(cs221)

Object Oriented Concepts And Programming In C++(CS221)



Note:- If You Have any Useful Material share with us and You Will Get Primium Access to all Our Premium Contant .

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