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C Programming Help

use full for beginners-something about c language
HI friends i comes with another great article "c language-HOW TO IMPROVE C programming"which is very use full to beginners.i seen that

many new comers are afraid of c language even i am also afraid of it because in starting is not easy as you think student have

so many question about it.many F.Y.B.C.S student i saw they are not sure what to do either B.C.S or engineering because they

hearer from neighbors and friends or whatever after some days they are think about other branches perhaps is good for me to take

this branch.Then what the F*ck you are doing in B.C.S? Because you don't know what to do. my advise is simply stick to your decision

many student tell me that how we find our interested in specific field my ans is if ANY buddy tell you do continually work

for 3 days related to your field and simply you say only three days it is not so much hard for me because i love my work

i am always eager to know more about my field once you start your journey you find that you learn so much thing and yet so much

things left to know so move ahead with you're passion.Now comes to the main topic how we improve c language.first of all please

don't tell that i don't know anything in c language. C Language is simple language if you practice regularly so start practice

regularlly.i put "TURBO C"software generally use by B.C.S students you get all similar function which you use in red hat Linux

i generally hate linux so you don't need to Linux in your pc and in this turbo c i add lots of example so you are understand

easylly you can DOWNLOAD or you can download it from my download our first step is complete i assume that you download it.

NoW next step is to buy a book i generally prefer 1)"LET US C" and another book is "ancII c by balguru swami" read it and decide

which book suitable for you(if you are live in pune you will buy it from ABC chock) our second step is it time to practice

if you have time and your tuition is not start please my advice is use this time for learn c language so in tuition you capture more then

other student and once you started understand something your journey is step is choose tuition please please choose it wisely

because it play most important roll in you journey. Generally i saw in pune B.C.S student have two choice for c language class.1)EKBOTE

2)DADWAY(i am not know )my advice is choose second option because first option is not suitable for beginners its my view .you can

choose any thing you want i am telling you from my experience.some other institute is also present like SEED info TECH. or NIIT or so much

institute.seed also not suitable for beginners (from my experience) because they provide good teaching but not practice which is also most

in learn c language so i hope you find here something you don't know and if you want to more advise please leave your valuable comment as i get

your comment surely i will help you please check this website regularly.


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Author: Nishad Dadhaniya
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