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C/C++ Essential Training [Video Tutorial]

Welcome 1m 17s
Using the exercise files 1m 15s
Prerequisites 1m 55s
1. Language Overview11m 11s
About C 6m 10s
About C++ 5m 1s
2. Getting Started2h 2m
Using Xcode with the exercise files 16m 51s
Setting up Eclipse with LLVM and Clang on a Mac 18m 23s
Setting up Eclipse with GCC on a Mac 13m 46s
Upgrading GCC on the Mac 12m 53s
Setting up Eclipse for Windows 18m 4s
Working with Eclipse on Windows 2m 56s
Setting up Eclipse in Ubuntu Linux 18m 36s
Understanding the development cycle with "Hello, World" 6m 48s
Using stdout and stderr 7m 3s
Using stdin 7m 22s
3. The C Programming Language1h 15m
Exploring the anatomy of a C program 9m 29s
Writing statements and expressions 5m 47s
Working with identifiers 2m 11s
Defining variables 2m 2s
Understanding identifier scope and using storage classes 7m 53s
Declaring variables and functions 5m 59s
Using pointers 2m 19s
Working with arrays and strings 5m 9s
Comparing with conditionals 5m 47s
Using switch statements 6m 2s
Using while and do loops 4m 57s
Iterating with the for loop 6m 10s
Creating functions 8m 15s
Branching with goto, break, and continue 3m 30s
4. The C Preprocessor29m 42s
About the C preprocessor 2m 15s
Defining constants 4m 55s
Including files 2m 51s
Exploring conditional compilation 2m 59s
Defining macros 3m 47s
Macro caveats 5m 2s
Working with line continuation using the backslash 3m 32s
Including files only once 4m 21s
5. Data Types1h 1m
About the data types 3m 21s
Introducing integer types 4m 11s
Understanding floating-point types 4m 6s
Working with characters and strings 2m 25s
Using strings 5m 0s
Creating character escape sequences 2m 18s
Working with qualifiers 5m 0s
Using the C++ reference type 6m 14s
Working with structured data 5m 51s
Introducing bit fields 1m 59s
Working with enumerations 4m 40s
Using unions 2m 17s
Defining types with typedef 2m 9s
Introducing the void type 5m 35s
Understanding the auto type 5m 56s
6. Operators1h 2m
Exploring the assignment operator 5m 39s
Using arithmetic operators 5m 16s
Working with increment and decrement operators 7m 50s
Using comparison (relational) operators 2m 49s
Using logical operators 3m 20s
Exploring bitwise operators 3m 6s
Working with compound assignment operators 4m 32s
Using the array subscript operator 3m 14s
Using pointers, members, and indirection operators 3m 27s
Exploring the function call operator 3m 14s
Working with the ternary conditional operator 1m 57s
Determining the size of a type with sizeof 2m 55s
Determining the type of an object with typeid 3m 28s
Using the cast operator 2m 58s
Working with the new and delete operators 3m 10s
Understanding operator precedence 2m 6s
Using operator synonyms 3m 28s
7. Defining Functions35m 51s
Overview of functional programming 3m 33s
Defining a function 2m 51s
Passing parameters to a function 5m 49s
Using automatic and static variables 1m 39s
Using function pointers 7m 38s
Overloading function names 2m 47s
Overloading operators with functions 3m 24s
Defining a variable number of arguments 4m 51s
Using recursion 3m 19s
8. Classes and Objects1h 18m
Overview of classes and objects 3m 16s
Exploring namespaces 5m 2s
Defining a class 5m 20s
Using data members 5m 21s
Working with member functions 8m 47s
Pointing to the current object with the *this pointer 3m 55s
Using constructors and destructors 11m 21s
Exploring implicit vs. explicit constructor type conversions 6m 5s
Overloading operators with member functions 8m 14s
Overloading operators with non-member functions 6m 16s
Using conversion operators 3m 9s
Creating function objects 1m 54s
Creating and destroying objects with the new and delete operators 4m 50s
Reporting errors with exceptions 4m 33s
9. Inheritance24m 41s
Overview of class inheritance 1m 39s
Exploring simple inheritance 4m 20s
Reviewing friendship 4m 34s
Accessing the base class 2m 11s
Understanding multiple inheritance 4m 5s
Exploring overloading methods and polymorphism 7m 52s
10. Templates13m 36s
Understanding templates 2m 24s
Understanding template functions 5m 48s
Using template classes 5m 24s
11. Standard Library57m 25s
Overview of the C Standard Library 2m 45s
Using stdio for file I/O 12m 52s
Using stdio for file management 3m 6s
Using stdio for unformatted character I/O 5m 10s
Using stdio for formatted character I/O 6m 34s
Using string functions 6m 56s
Understanding memory allocation 6m 45s
Handling system errors 4m 5s
Working with time and date functions 4m 30s
Getting file information 4m 42s
12. Standard Template Library1h 29m
Overview of the STL 2m 11s
Using vectors 6m 20s
Working with pairs and tuples 5m 57s
Writing iterators 6m 31s
Using lists 4m 47s
Working with sets 7m 2s
Creating maps 7m 38s
Using queues 4m 53s
Working with stacks 3m 51s
Introducing the deque container 3m 18s
Using strings 3m 37s
Working with algorithms 16m 10s
Using I/O streams 9m 23s
Handling exceptions 7m 58s
13. The Latest Standard: C++1124m 19s
Overview of C++11 1m 44s
Using the range-based for loop 5m 1s
Exploring the unambiguous null pointer constant 3m 34s
Understanding type inference 8m 4s
Using lambda functions 5m 56s
Goodbye 31s

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